How Does Lighting Affect Office Productivity

We all know how much our environment can affect our ability to get work done. From loud whispers to obnoxious pen clicking, our surroundings can quickly create diminishing returns to our productivity. To maximize productivity levels in any office, it is necessary to...

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CFLs: The Phaseout

Just two years ago your two best energy-efficient alternatives to the traditional incandescent bulb were either CFL (compact fluorescent light bulbs) or LED (light-emitting diode) bulbs. Both provided a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective substitute to...

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Regulations and Permits

After a rough 2014 for the lighting and LED industry, 2015 is looking bright. Consumers at CES got a glimpse of what this years brings. Here are a few of the newest lighting products the industry can't stop talking about. Knog Expose Smart While your iPhone's camera...

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What are the benefits of switching to LED lighting?

Neon Sign Repair is Vital for Business Growth Having the right signage can either draw or take away business from you. A well maintained,lit, designed neon or LED sign draws customers to your business. A poorly lit, placed, and forgotten sign will draw business away....

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California’s New Title 24 Makes Smart Lighting a Standard

Other than complying with new California State Regulations (see our blog post) we can think of four key reasons to why switching to LED lighting will be beneficial to your home, business, or office. Have a big neon sign? If you do, we can bet that you are annoyed with...

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LED Lighting Health Benefits

For many years when heading to the store to pick out a light bulb we would choose based off of the number of watts the bulb produced. Today, our lighting choices have expanded, and we are now shopping based off of Lumens (a unit of brightness). Not sure what makes all...

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