Other than complying with new California State Regulations (see our blog post) we can think of four key reasons to why switching to LED lighting will be beneficial to your home, business, or office.

Have a big neon sign? If you do, we can bet that you are annoyed with how high maintenance that sign can be. One of the most common complaints that we hear is that energy costs keep rising, and bulbs and tubes break or burn out regularly.

We are excited to announce that by switching to LED signage lighting you are able to dramatically reduce costs and maintenance needs.

Here are four main reasons why it’s beneficial for your business to switch to LED lighting.

Energy Efficiency
By installing high quality LED bulbs not only are you saving money on energy, you are also getting a brighter and cleaner light. Did you know that LED bulbs produce 100 lumens per watt, meaning they will produce a great deal of light while using very little power?

A typical LED bulb will last your business an average of 50,000 hours. Assuming you will have your sign on for 8 hours of use per day, that means that your bulb will last you 17 years. The good news is you also wont need to have any maintenance! With LED bulbs, there are no glass parts to break, and no tubes that can burn out and need replacing. It’s very likely that you will incur no service or maintenance costs during the lifetime(17 years) of your LED sign.

In comparison, with fluorescent and neon lights they typically last only 5 years at max and typically need to be replaced more often becasue they are made with thin, easy to break glass

Both neon and fluorescent luminaires are made with fragile glass parts, and fluorescent lights contain an added danger in the form of mercury. Exposure to this highly toxic heavy metal is associated with a wide range of neurological, behavioral, and nervous system disorders. By purchasing and needing to eventually dispose of these bulbs, you are also harming the environment. The mercury from just one household bulb can contaminate 6,000 gallons of water! Neon bulbs are also powered by a transformer with a high voltage output on the secondary wires which increases the potential of fire if secondary wiring fails, especially on building front signage.

LED lights contain no breakable glass parts and no toxic mercury to worry about. Further, they remain cool to the touch even after several hours of use, unlike neon and fluorescent bulbs. LED also run off of low voltage eliminating the potential of fire due to secondary wire failure like that of neon lighting.

Light Quality
LED lighting is widely known for brightness and clarity as well as customization. LEDs are also dim-able (new state regulation) and can be programmed or controlled via remote.