Pole Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Daylite Maintenance takes a proactive approach toward preventive maintenance.

A very common and yet sometimes unseen problem is that the steel lighting standards throughout parking lots and walkways, begin to rust causing the structural integrity of the light standards to degrade. Rust typically develops on the inside of the pole at the bottom, working its way through to the exterior making it difficult to see with the naked eye. Something also worth noting, reclaimed water from irrigation systems exacerbates the problem as it is highly acidic and poles affected by such an environment should be inspected often as well as taking precautions to avoid over spray on the light standards.

Simply looking at the outside of the pole and the condition of the paint is not enough!

  • Ultra-Sonic Pole Testing looks through parking lot poles to determine if there is rust and corrosion on the inside and tests for structural stability.
  • Using an ultra-sound gauge, could assist in eliminating the unneeded risk of having a failed light standard causing damage to structures, automobiles or people. This far outweighs the cost of preventive maintenance.
  • Once potentially faulty poles have been identified, DayLite can repair the problem on site with a cut and weld on the light standard or replace with new. Let DayLite be your knowledgeable source of information.

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