Copper Wire Theft Prevention

Wire theft has become a epidemic caused by the raise in copper price.

However, the replacement cost of the stolen material represents only a small portion of the overall cost to the property. The overall costs are magnified when you consider the following:

  • Repair & Reinstallation costs
  • Potential Security and Safety Hazards for the public
  • Out of Service “costs” while property is out of use

Day-Lite’s Locking Hand Hole Covers are a simple and effective means to discourage copper wire theft, providing security and safety to various pull boxes.

  • Features include heavy duty steel construction with integrated combination lock
  • Protects valuable assets from potentially catastrophic failure
  • Easy installations into existing pull boxes.
  • Proven deterrent and promotes safety.
  • Our Technicians are qualified to provide an expert diagnosis as problems occur.
  • Our team of service technicians are the best in the business, from tracing to repair and install of all electrical components and systems

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