The latest trend in the lighting industry involves light emitting diodes, or LED’s. The advanced technology has real-life advantages for homeowners, renters, and business owners. With better durability and non-toxic materials, LED’s are safer and easier to use. With today’s updated technology, LED’s also provide better control over your lighting with dimmers and sensors. So how do you choose which LED lights are right for you? We’ve taken a closer look at the different types of LED lights so you can decide what’s best for your home, business, and lifestyle.

Different types of LED lights

Choose from various styles and designs for your LED’s. As LED technology improved, these lights became more accessible for home and business lighting solutions. And with long-lasting power, great energy savings, and better durability, you won’t want to miss out on these environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

  • GU10
    • Retrofit your halogen lamps with GU10 LED lights. These lamps fit halogen bases and produce quality light similar to halogens, but with lower heat and energy output. Lower your fire risk with GU10 LED’s. Many manufacturers make it easy to dim these lights to just the right level for your setting, so they’re great for home use or as display lighting for your highest quality products.
  • GLS
    • With the classic shape of an incandescent bulb, GLS LED’s are the perfect replacement for CFL’s and incandescent lights in your home. You’ll rarely replace these classic LED lightbulbs, and its easy to find them in either the warm white look of traditional incandescent bulbs or in cooler tones that mimic real daylight.
  • Candle
    • If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your chandelier or specialty light fixture, LED candle bulbs are the perfect option. Dim these lights to set just the right ambiance in your dining room. With clear or opaque casings, it’s easy to find the right option for your home.
  • Golf balls and globes
    • Available in many different sizes and styles, these decorative shapes are perfect for secondary lighting. Their soft glow produces the perfect lighting for table lamps, decorative fixtures, and many other domestic light sources.
  • Reflector
    • Make your home sparkle or get the shine of high quality jewelry stores for your merchandise with reflector lights. These LED’s have with a multifaceted reflector that highlights the surroundings with focused clarity. Create a top-quality look for your storefront or get the focused lighting you’ve always wanted for your kitchen with these LED lights.

LED lights vs. CFL’s and incandescent lights

Even if LED lights come in a style that’s right for you, it’s easy to wonder if they’re really worth it. We analyzed the pros and cons of LED lights, CFL’s, and incandescent lights to help you decide which is the best choice for you.

  • LED Pros
    • LED’s are the most energy-efficient bulbs on the market. Consume up to 90% less power and save on energy costs with these bulbs.
    • Nothing beats an LED’s longevity. For every 10 CFL bulbs you replace, you’ll only replace one LED light.
    • The superior durability of LED lights prevents problems caused by extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration.
    • Non-toxic materials mean you never have to worry about throwing out your LED bulbs.
  • LED Cons
    • Traditional LED’s have a cooler light spectrum. Fortunately, newer warm white options and dimmers create a look closer to incandescent lighting.
    • LED’s are the most expensive option, although long life helps to offset the cost.
  • CFL Pros
    • These lights are cheaper than LED’s.
    • CFL’s are more efficient than incandescent lights, providing a middle option.
  • CFL Cons
    • These bulbs contain mercury. Those in rural areas rarely have access to proper disposal facilities.
    • CFL’s lack the longevity, durability, and control of LED lights.
  • Incandescent Pros
    • These lights provide traditional, warm, yellow light.
    • Incandescent lights are cheap to buy, but require frequent replacement.
  • Incandescent Cons
    • These lights use far more energy than CFL’s and LED’s.
    • Limited longevity means you’ll constantly replace these bulbs.
    • High energy use is harmful to the environment.

Potential issues with using LED’s

Most of the problems with LED’s involve choosing the right light for your setting, and retrofitting existing light fixtures for your LED’s. Fortunately, Day-Lite hires lighting experts to retrofit your lights without damaging the original fixture. These professionals offer great advice for getting the look and light coverage you need. If you’re not sure where to start to upgrade your home, our professional lighting consultants will help you every step of the way. Save money, time, and energy with LED lights.