California's New Title 24 Makes
Smart Lighting a Standard
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The California Energy Commission recently updated its Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standard alteringwhat's "up to code" for commercial buildings. The new standards took effect January 1, 2014. Here's a summary of what you need to know, for the full article please visit our blog page.
Non-residential lighting changes.
1. photocontrols are now required in ALL interior daylit spaces with at least 120W of installed lighting power.
2. Outdoor lighting in parking garages, lots, loading and unloading areas, book stacks of libraries and non-residential corridors and stairwells are now required to reduce lighting power in these spaces by at least 50 percent during unoccupied periods of time.
3. Night time lighting must be reduced to just 0.05 W per square foot (versus the 0.3 W per square foot allowed under the 2008 code).
4. Motion sensor controls will be required, in addition to photocontrols and scheduling controls, for all outdoor lighting mounted 24 feet above the ground or lower and for any incandescent luminaires over 100 watts.
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